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Natasha Morton

 The Month of December We are: 




I can identify cause and effect relationships within a text.

Language Arts:

I can identify adjectives and inflectional endings.


I can read soft c/g. I can review long vowel words.



I can design solutions and problem solve exploring stem research projects.  I can learn and identify plant parts.

Social Studies:

I can identify changes in transportation.

The Week of January 8th 

Math-I can learn and understand the Equal sign.

I am successful when I know both sides equal the same sum.


I can identify adjectives.


I can spell long O and long U words.

I am successful when I spell 8 out of 10 words correct.

Social Studies

I can learn about fact or Fiction.


I can research Stem projects.


I can find and understand Text features.

I am successful when I can identify a diagram, table of contents,

captionand bold words.

    • Math HW–Complete your math “must do” each  night. Choose 1 “free choice” math activity. 
    • ELA HW-Complete your reading “must do” each night. Choose 1 “free choice” reading activity.
    • Weekly Test: Spelling words and Math Facts
    • Book Adventure: 3 test a week 
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Important Dates

December 13th-Boxes of hope

December 15th- Stocking Stuffers

Thursday, December 21: End of the 2nd Nine Weeks/ 2 hour day for students

Friday, December 22 Friday, January 5: Winter Break (No School)

Monday, January 8: Students Return from Winter Break



 Dolch WORDS