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Ms. Danielle Moll » Weekly Skills

Weekly Skills

Check out what your child is learning this week! You will find the skills in each subject listed below. Some skills listed will be taught and practiced over a range of multiple weeks.
November 12, 2018
 -3.RI.IKI.9 Compare and contrast most important points in multiple texts about the same topic
-3.W.TTP.3 Narrative Writing
-3.FL.SC.6g Comparative and Superlative Adjectives/adverbs
-Phonics: r- controlled vowels (/ar/, /ir/)
Understand fractions as part of a whole
Understand and represent fractions on a number line
 -3.ESS.3.1 Natural Hazards and their impact on the environment
Social Studies
 -3.25 Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Settlements affect on America