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Nakita Murray » Mrs. Murray's Second Grade Learning Community

Mrs. Murray's Second Grade Learning Community

Miss Murray’s Class Schedule


7:20-7:40 Morning Meeting/Announcements (20min)

7:40-8:20 Math Whole Group (45min)

8:20-8:50 Rotations (30min)

8:50-9:25 Math Centers (30min)

9:25-10:20 ELA Skills Block/(55min)

10:20-11:11 Tier/ Small Groups (45min)

11:11-11:36 Lunch (25 mins)

11:36-11:50 Social Studies (20 mins)

11:50-1:30 ELA Knowledge Block (100 mins)

1:30-2:00 Recess (30 mins)

2:00-2:25 Science (25 mins)

2:25 Dismissal

November 11- Veteran's Day

November 24-25 -- Thanksgiving Break
December 20-January 3 -- Winter Break
Phillips, Bernarda - 5th Grade / 313 Learning Center Channels


Spelling List 

Scr-                spl-              str-                  squ-

screen           splat             strike              squash

scratch          splash           streak             square

screw            splint             straw              squeak

                      splendid       stretch            squid


Knowledge Block -- Fossils Tell of Earth's Changes

Skills Block -- SCR, SPL, STR, SQU
Grammar -- Reflexive Pronouns
Math -- Even and Odd Numbers
Social Studies -- Our Continent- Ask your scholar to sing the continent song to you!
Science -- Earth's Surface
Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn 
As Fast As Words Could Fly
World Read Aloud DayELA Read Aloud
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Nakita Murray
2nd Grade

School Supply List

Pencils (12)

24-count crayons (1box)


Composition (wide ruled) (2 total) – colors- black and blue

Notebook paper (wide-ruled)

Glue sticks (6)    (No Liquid Glue)

Folders with pockets and prongs (2)

Container for supplies

Backpack (standard size)

Box tissues (1)

3-ring binder (1) 1 inch


Highlighters (2)

Dry erase markers (4) for student use



Set of watercolor paint

Sticky notes