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Office 365 - Office Mix - Get the most from PowerPoint 2016 using the Office Mix Add-in
Monday, November 20th - BLE
(3:30 - Lab B)
- and -
Thursday, November 30th - HPC
(3:30 - David Price Lab)
In this session learn how to use add-ins with PowerPoint that turn your files into interactive presentations. Learn how to add surveys, questions, audio and video into PowerPoints using a free add-in called Office Mix. This session is perfect for those teaching online classes or interested in a blended or flipped classroom approach. 
Wednesday, December 6th - BLE
(3:30 - Lab B)
- and -
Thursday, December 7th - HPC
(3:30 - David Price Lab)
Prodigy is a free, adaptive math game for grades 1-7 that integrates Common Core or Ontario math into a role-playinggame using a Pokemon-style wizardry theme. ... Based on the student's profile and an invisible diagnostic run during the preliminary tutorial, students are placed at a math level. 
Friday, January 5th - HPC (Staff Only)
(3:30 - David Price Lab)
Trying to figure out how to integrate BYOD into your everyday lessons? Looking for a way to make your PowerPoint presentations engaging? Come learn about Nearpod! You can import your pre-existing PowerPoint presentations and embed formative questions, polls, videos, and quizzes. Students access your presentation on their devices and you get great data reports after each presentation. Free and easy to use ... leave this session with a lesson ready to go!
iReady - BLE (1/29/18) / 3:30-5:00 in Lab B
iReady - HPC (1/30/18) / 3:30-5:00 -David Price Lab
iREADY Math is an adaptive software program that supports student success with the Ready Math curriculum. This session will focus on locating and interpreting multiple reports as a result of the required diagnostic screening. Learn how to group students by need, communicate results with parents, and more. 
Connecting your classroom to the world with SKYPE
Technology is allowing us to connect with others as never before, and classrooms can now take part in this exciting adventure. In this session we will demonstrate strategies to help teachers successfully use Skype through their Office 365 account to bring the outside world in to their building. Learn how to play a Mystery Skype game with a classroom across the country, invite a guest speaker in to discuss your topic first hand, or take a virtual field trip to a new land. All of these are more are available with the click of a button. come find out how.
Promethean/Active Inspire HPC - 2/27/18 (3:30-5:00 - David Price Lab) :Promethean Activinspire is an application designed to help teachers make the best use of their interactive whiteboard. This PD Covers the main features of Activinspire and will guide participants through the basic skills required to creat simple, interactive flip charts. 
BrainPOP  BLE - 4/9/18 (3:00 - 4:30)  We all know BrainPOP has great videos and quizzes, but there’s so much more!! In this training, you will learn all about My BrainPOP for student accounts as well as the amazing activities you can assign! Be prepared to “wow” your teacher friends and students because you will leave saying, “I didn’t know BrainPOP could do that!” 
Twitter HPC - 4/12/18 (3:30 - 5:00) Are you looking for innovative ways to connect with other educators? Are you excited about the learning going on in your classroom? This session will focus on the WHY of using Twitter as a professional, the RCS policies on posting to a professional educator account, and the basics of understanding the structure of the Twitterverse
Twitter resource - Padlet link
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