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Weekly Classroom Information

Fabulous 1st Grade
Week of December 11-15th 
What's Happening In Class this Week?
ReadingThis week in Reading our question of the week is: What is a folktale? We will review text features. Our skill of the week is ce (s) as in rice ge (j) as in age.  
Sight Words-  See the back of the yellow folder for sight words to work on with your child. Highlighted words are words your child already knows! 😊 Test on Friday!
Math- This week in Math we will be introducing subtraction word problems.

We are working with words with ce (s) as in rice and ge (j) as in age. Students will ONLY need to READ the words this week NOT spell them! 😊  

Rice, ice, race, stage, rage, nice, ace, age, cage, page.

  Test on FRIDAY! 😊

Language Arts-We will be reviewing verbs for past, present, and future.  We will also be introducing adjectives.
Social Studies & Science- 
In science we will be looking at STEM activities and exploring.  

In Social Studies, we will be introducing changes in transportation.