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Distance Learning

Welcome BLE Sparks!
Guidance lessons for grades 3-5 will be
provided here for each rotation cycle. 
I will participate and complete
all activities to the best of my ability.
Office hours for ALL students in grades 3-5
are Monday-Friday 1:40-2:00pm.
Please email me at for Zoom link.
First time here? Or first time doing Distance Learning? Check this out!
Watch and listen to the story- A Little Spot Learns Online
We're going to be working through 3 lessons using the EVERFI curriculum.
You have 2 options to access these lessons.
Option 1- If you go to your Clever page and see the EVERFI box, click it and follow the steps.
*If you don't see the EVERFI box on your Clever page, use option 2.
(This may be easier to access for future lessons.)
Option 2- Go to to begin.
(You may need to create and remember a username and password for this-
do NOT use your school username and password.)
Depending on which option you choose, the next steps may be a little different.
This should only be for the first time to get started and set up.
2. Enter code: e72cf959
3. Click NEXT
4. Enter your information (birthday, name)
6. Click the blue flashing button to go through the tutorial.
7. Once that is finished, you may begin the lessons in the
following order as each one builds on the previous:
1. Compassion Project
2. Mindfulness
3. Empathy
*We are doing about 1 lesson per week so this may continue into May.
If you are not able to finish a section, you may come back to it at a later time.
Test Strategies 1-4: Join at
or in the app with this CODE: 2KX97
Test Strategies 5-8: Join at
or in the app with this CODE: B7X4Y
If you want more practice with these test strategies,
go to and use the code: JWKQH
Anxiety: Watch this read aloud of the story
"A Little Spot of Anxiety" by Diane Alber:
with a friend or family member:
1. What is anxiety?
2. When do YOU feel anxious?
3. What type of "What if" thoughts
do you experience?
4. How can you calm your anxiety spot
down to a peaceful spot?
If you want to learn more about and practice positive self-talk,
check out the activities here:
Use code: mjfa