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I am excited to start my tenth year of teaching here at Blackman Elementary School.  I got my bachelor's degree in Art Education from Middle Tennessee State University.  I received my master's degree in Art Education from Eastern Illinois University.  I have taught in Bedford County Schools and Lebanon Special School District. 
I am looking forward to teaching your children and helping them grow artistically. 
The most important facets of my classroom are :
safety, inclusivity, and creativity
You can see Specials Shout Outs under the VIDEOS tab.


Welcome to Art 2023

This video was short introduction to Mr. Langford and Mr. Smith. There was a reminder for students about the Golden Paintbrush and Art Parties. We also announced that we will be continuing Shout Outs this year.

Shout Outs 4.14.23

This shout out is focused on artwork inspired by Lois Mailou Jones, dragon eyes, color wheels, The Dot, and mosaic flowers. The projects were completed by a variety of grades.

Art Shout Outs 3.23.23

This week our students made collaborative artwork from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade from Mr. Langford's class. In Mr. Smith's class, students are learning about Lois Mailou Jones and create artwork based on her artwork.

Art Shout Outs 2.23.23

This Shout Out features third grade Freedom Quilt artwork and artworks inspired by Romare Bearden.

Art To Remember

This video is about Art to Remember. It is a keepsake program where parents can get their students' artwork on an item. We have sent the artwork to the company and are waiting to get the order forms back. Thank you for all of your support for the art program here at Blackman Elementary.

Shout Out 1.19.23

This Shout Out we are highlighting 5th grade street art, 2nd and 3rd grade flowers, and 4th grade beach scene. There is also a reminder about the poster contest.

1.13.23 Shout Outs

We are so excited to announce the Golden Paintbrush winners!!! These are the classes that have shown the best behavior in art class for the 2nd nine weeks. Also, this video features 5th grade artists and includes a message for 5th grade about the poster contest.

Shout Outs 12.1.22

Here we are again shouting out 4th grade, kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 5th grade. Thank you for your continued support.

Shout Outs 11.22.22

Shout Outs for the Week!!!! It features kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, and fifth grade artwork.

Shout Outs 11.10.22

This Shout Out features Kindergarten, Third grade, and Fifth grade artwork. There is a lot of creativity going on in the artroom.

Special Shout Outs

This week Mr. Langford and Mr. Smith are giving shout outs to Kindergarten and First Grade artists. PE gave shout outs to a fourth grade and second grade student.

Golden Paintbrush Winners

The art room hosts a competition between the classes in each grade level to see which class is the best behaved. In class, if the students earn more positive points than negative points, they get a star on their chart. The class with the most stars at the end of the nine weeks wins the GOLDEN PAINTBRUSH. This video is the winners for the first nine weeks.

Specials Shout Outs 9.15.22

Mr. Langford and Mr. Smith are shouting out 2nd grade artists. Mrs. McDaniel shouts out a 4th grade reader.